Five Tips for Planning a Holiday That Will Impress Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

If you taking your boyfriend or girlfriend on a holiday, it's the perfect time to try to impress him or her. Looking for ideas that will really make him or her smile? Then, check out the following suggestions. They will make your holiday memorable for your lover:

1. Book boutique accommodations

Instead of booking a room at a predictable and boring chain hotel, book your lover something special at a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels offer interesting and quirky spaces, and with a bit of searching, you can easily find a special room that's right for your partner's personality. Boutique hotels may be just a couple of rooms or up to 100. You can find them in the middle of a city or in a romantic oceanside village.

2. Eat with the locals

Whether you are travelling to Melbourne or Shanghai, you don't want to be stuck eating with the tourists. Instead, look for restaurants that are visibly full of locals, read local reviews rather than traveller's review to find out what's popular or buy a guidebook that promises to take you off the beaten path. That way, you'll see how the locals live and avoid the over-priced fare of touristy places.

3. Book a spa day

A spa day gives your loved one the chance to relax and rejuvenate. Book him or her a massage, a pedicure or other spa services. If your accommodations have a spa on-site, consider starting the day with breakfast in bed, leisurely going to the spa and then continuing the relaxation on the beach or at the pool.

4. Do something extravagant

Everyone has a different definition of extravagant, and you need to consider what your partner would find the best. Should you pull out your wallet and buy an expensive meal with a piece of jewelry to give him or her during dessert? If that doesn't sound right, maybe you need to be extravagant with your time. When was the last time you watched the sunset without checking your phone or running to a meeting? If it's been a while, schedule some sunset time and a romantic nature walk with your sweet one.

5. Learn something new

It's important to rest and relax during a holiday, but you will impress your partner if you schedule some time to learn something new together. You can take a cooking class, a surfing lesson, a tandem skydiving experience or a couples massage class.

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