Why Your Pub Needs Live Music

The local pub, like those in John Parsons Hotels,  particularly in a Australia's rural communities, is a social hub. As a publican, it is your responsibility to your patrons and the wider local community to acknowledge the value of your venue, and do your best to provide social and cultural opportunities for that community. Not only will your community benefit, but your pub will receive higher patronage, better reputation and the subsequent increase in profits.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to offer regular local live music at your venue. Let's look at some of the top reasons why your pub needs live music.

Create Atmosphere

Sure, you have a jukebox on the wall or an in-house music system streaming chart music all day and night. There is a world of difference between that, and the atmosphere created by having a live soloist or band perform in your front bar. People are no longer there for the drinks, pokies and meals alone—they are sharing a collective musical experience.

The lights are dimmed, there are speaker cables and mic stands littering the stage area, and the patrons are paying attention. Live music gives people something to talk about, and if the band is hot, it'll make your patrons get up, dance, sing along and engage with each other in a way they might not otherwise. If they have a good time, they might even return next week for a second instalment.

Support Your Locals

Your local community can't have a vibrant music scene unless there are venues willing to support local artists. This is your opportunity as a publican to help foster cultural richness in your community, and allow artists to develop their musicality and performance skills while surrounded by supportive friends, family and locals.

You'll also be financially supporting local industry in many ways. Mot only the musicians benefit economically from live music- the roadies, sound and lighting engineers, bar staff, security guards, local music stores and cab drivers all indirectly reap the financial gains of live music performance.

Attract New Patrons

Putting a local band on the bill for a Friday night might also help your to attract a new crowd of faces to your venue. Many community members, particularly those with full-time jobs and families, are more likely to visit the local watering hole if there is something special to get excited about.

Local musicians often bring an onslaught of their own fans and followers to a venue, and this creates an instant herd of new patrons. If you can get them in the door, wow them with the music, they might even stay for a meal or come back next weekend if the band is hot and the drinks are cold.

If you want your pub to have a fantastic collective vibe while showcasing local talent, supporting local industry and bringing new faces into your venue, consider instigating a regular program of live local music in your pub.