Travel tips for new mums travelling with a baby

Being a new mother is a job that has both many joys and many responsibilities. While you might get frustrated at the night time comforting, you will equally be overjoyed when your baby smiles at you and grabs your finger. These joys and responsibilities are thrown into overdrive when you choose to travel with your baby. So what are some of the ways in which you can make it a pleasurable experience for both you and your child, and not something that is completely exhausting?

Baby friendly accommodation. Any new parent will testify that soon after having a baby, your home becomes overtaken by baby specific items like baby changing stations and storage for nappies. You won't have this kind of set-up on the road, so it is imperative that you find baby-friendly accommodation so that you have some in-room amenities that will make travelling so much easier. Seek out hotels that have facilities such as protective plug-points, cribs, highchairs and designated changing spaces. These extras will make your temporary home a comfortable space for your little one. When booking your motel, such as Motel Travelway, ask them what amenities are available.

Don't forget the sunscreen. If you are travelling to a warm and sunny destination, don't forget to pack lots of sunscreen that is specifically created for the skin of babies (the adult options can sometimes irritate the sensitive skin of new-born babies). To give your baby the most protection from the sun, try to find a Factor 50 sun lotion. Never spray it directly on to the face of your child as the lotion could get in their eyes. Instead, spray some on your clean hands, and gently rub the sun lotion into their skin. Also carry a hat with you at all times to help keep your baby's face in the shade.

Assuage the pain of ear pressure. If you are flying to your holiday destination with your child, your baby might experience some pain in the ears during take-off and landing. To help with this, encourage your baby to breastfeed, to use a dummy or to drink from a bottle during this time.

Wear your baby with a carrier. If you child is fast asleep when a plane is landing, it is disruptive to wake them up to take them through security and customers. The solution is to wear a carrier so that you don't have to construct a stroller and put your baby through the ordeal of being woken up to be navigated safely through the airport.