Caravanning in Style: Essential Electrical Equipment for Your Next Trip

Staying in a caravan is a convenient way to enjoy some time away and can often be a budget-friendly choice, too. Not everyone wants to completely get away from civilisation, however, and it's easy to miss some of the creature comforts you enjoy at home. Powered caravan sites give you an electricity supply, just like you get in a house, so you can benefit from electrical devices that can make your holiday all the more luxurious. The power supplies on caravan sites might not be rated the same as home ones, so it's best to take items specifically designed for camping to avoid problems. Here are the top items to include on your packing list for a deluxe caravan trip.

Electric heater

It normally gets chilly at night, and that can be even more noticeable when you're staying in a caravan. While you might be sorted for heat inside the caravan, it's worth thinking about the outside. Investing in a decent overhead heater designed for outdoor use means you can enjoy sitting outside your caravan's entrance on a cool evening. Couple this with your favourite drink, and it's the ideal way to enjoy the outdoors at the end of the day.

Outdoor light

Like heating, the inside of your caravan will probably have sufficient lighting for you to see what you're doing at night. Outside, however, a light can be extremely helpful. If you're returning to the caravan after dark, having a light helps you find your way easily and get inside safely. An outside light can be fitted underneath the awning, enhancing your end-of-the-day drink to no end.

Cooking equipment

Cooking on campsites and caravan sites is sometimes a difficult affair, at best. Messing around with gas canisters or building fires is fun for some, but if you just want to get on with cooking dinner, electricity is the answer. Hot plates, griddles, and even miniature ovens are all available, letting you set up a fully working kitchen for the duration of your holiday.

Bug zapper

Nobody likes mosquitoes, and getting bitten to pieces can really spoil your enjoyment of your caravan holiday. Thankfully, an electric bug zapper will deal with the little pests before they have the chance to make a meal of you. Hang one of these essential gadgets over the caravan's entrance, and you'll stop them in their tracks, keeping them away from you when you're sitting outside, and making sure they don't get in to bite you while you sleep.