Choosing the Right Type of Venue for Your Wedding Reception

While your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting times of your life, planning a wedding can be a stress-filled nightmare! Choosing the perfect reception venue can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, with the right approach, you can greatly narrow down your choices, and discover an amazing reception venue for an amazing wedding!

How Big is Your Wedding?

The size of the guest list should be your first consideration. If there are going to be a few hundred people present for your day of matrimony, you probably won't be looking at a restaurant reception. The size of your wedding will greatly affect the final choice you make as to which venue to book out for the reception.

Small and Intimate Wedding (50 or less people)

With a small guest list, you are not limited by how much room the party-goers are going to take up. However, a hotel reception would be inadvisable, as hotel venues are designed for large crowds (hundreds of people), and the feeling with a hotel would be much less intimate. The best option here would be a seaside restaurant with a beautiful location. Nothing better than a day of celebration by the sea with the people you love most!

Medium Wedding (50-150 people)

With this size scale, a restaurant is probably not going to be the best option. Here we need to consider large open spaces for people to dance, as well as a suitable place for the kids to run around! A seaside villa could be the perfect choice, where the reception area could be set up on a spacious outdoor patio overlooking the ocean. Alternatively, if you prefer a more rustic atmosphere, a country villa could be just as beautiful. Whether you're looking out over the ocean, or onto rolling hills and meadows, it will certainly be a lovely spot to sip some champagne.

Large Wedding (150+ people)

So you've decided to go all out, invite all your friends and family and throw an unforgettable party. With a classically large wedding, you're going to need a classic wedding reception. Nothing could be more suitable here than a hotel ballroom, a large elegant hall with a grand entrance, like with Norwood House Motel, complete with servers wearing tuxedos! If putting all your wedding invitations in envelopes gave you repetitive strain injury, then a hotel ballroom or banquet hall is the venue of choice.

Once you've decided the appropriate type of reception venue for your wedding, make sure to look for suitable ones in your local area, and always visit the venue in person before any booking decisions are made.