Planning A Family Trip? Why You Should Book A Serviced Apartment

When planning your family holiday this summer, you will inevitably ask yourself – should I book a hotel, or a serviced apartment? Does the convenience of a regularly serviced, secure hotel outweigh the potential benefits of a serviced apartment?   From a family perspective, it definitely appears that the benefits of a serviced apartment far outweigh that of a hotel.  Here's why:

Serviced apartments have more space

Family holidays are about spending time together, not about living on top of each other. Most serviced apartments offer well over 25% more space than the average hotel.

Not only do serviced apartments have more space in general, but also they have a configuration that is far more conducive to a family unit that a hotel.  For example, the average serviced apartment has at least one bedroom, if not two or three, ensuring that you can relax with a book or a glass of wine whilst the kids play in a completely different room.

You can cook and do your own laundry in a serviced apartment

A true home away from home, all service apartments have at least basic cooking facilities, if not full kitchens.  This ensures that you can easily whip up the kid's favourite meal (and yours) at any time of the day.  This may be particularly important if you are travelling internationally and have kids who have not taking a liking to the local cuisine.

On top of your ability to cook, you can also have easy, and free, access to laundry facilities in your serviced apartment.  Although laundry is not necessarily on any holiday makers to-do list, if you are travelling with young children you, will certainly benefit from readily available laundry.

You don't have a housekeeper in your face every hour

Although housekeeping can certainly be a benefit, everyone has experienced the frustration of said housekeeping ariving just when your youngest has finally dozed off to sleep.  As such, the fact that serviced apartments are not serviced daily can, in fact, prove to be a benefit.

And if you need your apartment serviced? Most service apartments provide regular, and also ad hoc, cleaning services at your convenience.    

Serviced apartments are cheaper

In addition to the savings you will make occasionally cooking, as well as doing your own laundry, on your holiday, you can also make a significant saving by booking a serviced apartment.  Serviced apartments are, on average, up to 20% cheaper than hotels.

So when you're looking to book your next holiday, you should seriously consider the serviced apartment option as a great way to ensure you save money and increase convenience and space for your family. For more information, contact a business such as Executive Living.