Travel tips for new mums travelling with a baby

Being a new mother is a job that has both many joys and many responsibilities. While you might get frustrated at the night time comforting, you will equally be overjoyed when your baby smiles at you and grabs your finger. These joys and responsibilities are thrown into overdrive when you choose to travel with your baby. So what are some of the ways in which you can make it a pleasurable experience for both you and your child, and not something that is completely exhausting? Read More 

Why Your Pub Needs Live Music

The local pub, like those in John Parsons Hotels,  particularly in a Australia's rural communities, is a social hub. As a publican, it is your responsibility to your patrons and the wider local community to acknowledge the value of your venue, and do your best to provide social and cultural opportunities for that community. Not only will your community benefit, but your pub will receive higher patronage, better reputation and the subsequent increase in profits. Read More 

Marketing Your Motel To Fly-In, Fly-Out Workers

Finding new customer markets for your independent motel is important, as the motel/economy hotel market in Australia has become more competitive with international chains entering the market. The rise of the FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) model of running mines and remote sites has created a unique opportunity for motel owners to get recurring business from a new segment, as many workers do not want the pressure of maintaining a property they will only be staying in for one out of every three weeks (or in some cases longer, depending on rosters). Read More 

Booking Your Vacation Hotel Online? Two Common Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Computers have made it increasingly easy to "shop"  for properties and then ultimately book your hotel room with a few clicks of a mouse. Once you've been through the process a couple of times, it is fairly simple. But there are two common booking mistakes that you can avoid.   Booking the Wrong Dates This happens more often than you think. Most of the time, it's because clients are going through several time zones or are booked on a red-eye flight. Read More 

Five Tips for Planning a Holiday That Will Impress Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

If you taking your boyfriend or girlfriend on a holiday, it's the perfect time to try to impress him or her. Looking for ideas that will really make him or her smile? Then, check out the following suggestions. They will make your holiday memorable for your lover: 1. Book boutique accommodations Instead of booking a room at a predictable and boring chain hotel, book your lover something special at a boutique hotel. Read More